I am Daniel Lyttle


"Life is amazing, and it saddens me, not everyone is living. I have invested a Jot of time to learn how to make things easier, quicker and simpler for you and everyone to be able to find balance, enjoying life, and living fulfilled."

“I want my clients to hire me, because they enjoy my continued support and motivation, not because they need my knowledge and direction. To fulfill this, I work by the principles of 'Teaching a man to fish, rather than giving them a fish.'"


As a Therapist and Coach of over 15 years, I have seen it all. Working with some of Brisbane's Best Osteopaths,  Chiropractors, Naturopaths,  and Therapists, I quickly leveled up beyond my years.


After studying to be a Doctor of Osteopathy, I found my passion  in  preventative, more so than palliative care. Dedicating more and more hours until PT became my primary passion.

I am a Multi Modality Therapist and Personal Trainer of over 15+ years. I am is passionate about educating my clients to be self-sufficient.

With my gym and clinic in Brisbane Australia, I enjoy my work as much as helioes surfing, camping, chilling out with a bottle of red and a good movie.

What I do

To make your life better and healthier as you take your journey with me


    With advanced understanding of anatomy, muscle origins and insertions, movement patterns and function, I am able to prescribe practical, function movements to develop true strength, functional movement, reduced pain, increased range of motion, and maximum weight loss.


    Working with Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and Herbalists, I have a natural approach to weight loss and attaining then preserving optimal health.


    With the approach that 'Aesthetics come as a by-product of living better' weight loss is easily achieved, from eating good food, not limiting what you can and can't eat.


    With countless hours of clinical work, fixing regular aliments such as back pain, head aches, knee, elbow, ankle and shoulder issues, I have an expansive understanding of anatomy and how the body functions.


    From day one I was alleviating pain and issues, unsolved by Physios and Chiro's.

    Quickly learning the secret to being pain free.


    Developing a system of treatments, and homework to support rehab and ensure maximum results.

Fear should not hold you back, but inspire you to live fuller. Life is short. Be good to yourself, you two will be together for a while.